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Although Switzerland is geographically small, a tour to it's largest cities gives you a pleasant understanding of Swiss culture and easy access to Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. Of course, a tour to Switzerland may be easily changed to a multi-country tour, especially if you focus on visiting Geneva and Zürich. In these cities, you are guaranteed to find the best Swiss chocolate and learn why Switzerland has one of the highest standards of living in the world. As the host of the United Nation gatherings, Geneva is a very beautiful and peaceful city. Switzerland's largest city, Zürich, is a very contemporary city filled with history, interesting sights, and soccer teams of all levels.

In Switzerland's largest cities, there will be plenty of competition for your team. Since Switzerland has a excellent youth soccer development programs, our ProActive team could set you up with local coaches to teach your team what they know. A soccer tour to Switzerland has many possibilities for your team to explore many countries, have interesting cross-cultural experiences, and participate in a country with the some best youth soccer development in the world.


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Explore Geneva

AM: Relax by Lake Geneva in the morning before leaving for a guided tour of the city. See sights including Geneva's old city, Reformation Wall, Jet d'eau, Palais des Nations, CERN Laboratory, and Switzerland's Modern and Contemporary Art Museum. Travel to Mont-Salève for some hiking to see the 360 degree view of Geneva.

PM: In the evening, play game 1 against a local Swiss soccer team. Enjoy a BBQ with the team following the match!

(Sleep in Geneva)

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Zürich Sightseeing

AM: Today we will introduce you to Switzerland's largest city, Zürich, focusing our attention on the historic Altstadt area for our morning walking tour. We'll begin at Münsterhof. Along the way, we'll see the best of old Zürich including Fraumünster, the views from Lindenhof, the Wasserkirche, Weinplatz, both the Rathaus and Rathausbrücke.

PM: After lunch, we will split the group up a bit and allow you to pursue individual or small group interests more in depth. This may include visits to additional cultural sites such as churches or theaters, a visit to an art or history museum, etc.

(Sleep in Zürich)

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Switzerland's Beach

AM: Head East to Romanshorn to visit Lake Constance, a beautiful, large lake that Switzerland shares with Germany and Austria.

PM: Spend free time in the afternoon exploring the waterfront. It is possible to paddle boat, wind surf, swim, take a boat cruise, and canoe on the lake. You may also enjoy souvenir shopping, relaxing by the water, or try some local food at a restaurant.

(Sleep in Rorschach)


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